The Universe



An account that exists in the Titan universe, which contains all of your existing data. This includes pieces, gems, experience points, statistics, inventory items, etc.

Chat Prefix

A tag that appears in front of your player name in-game that is commonly used to show off your status or achievements. Not to be confused with name tag items, this appears before the equipped name tag, separated by a "|".

Options include Level Tier, Level, Rank, National Rank, Credits, Gems, Kills, Assists, Deaths, Rounds Won, Kill-Death Ratio, Robot Kills, Robot Assists, Robot Deaths, Robot Kill-Death Ratio, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer.

This can be changed via the in-game !settings menu under the "Chat" section.

Level Tier

A chat prefix used to show your current level in a shiny style. Your level is transformed into a badge with upgradable colors and stars. The higher your level, the more stars you get. These stars are also known as prestige, where every star equates to 100 levels.