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Titan 3

Titan 3

We're announcing Titan 3, a third major reiteration of our system.

🤔 Why are we rebuilding?

Over the years during the span of Titan 2, we've introduced many cool and exciting features. While these features are excellent and make us different from the other servers, this caused a lot of unnecessary clutter on our servers, impacting the core player experience. This wasn't what we envisioned Titan to be.

🚧 What will the rebuild cover?

The rebuild will cover the website and our community server plugins. This means rewriting the entire website and plugins from scratch. There are definitely a lot of great features from Titan 2 that we will be bringing over.

⚡ APIs

A lot of the plugin code has already been refactored over the years, therefore little to no effort is required to bring them to Titan 3. Most of the heavy lifting will be moved to a backend API to make processing costs as minimal as possible on our game servers. However, the entire website will be rewritten from scratch.

📃 Contracts

While many features will be carried over into Titan 3, a few features that aren't as loved by the players will be discontinued. Other features such as challenges contracts, quests, and missions will be refactored to make everything unanimously easier to understand by new players; all of these will be combined into a single module — contracts.

📈 Performance

During our Titan 2023 project, we promised to look at our server hardware and make improvements for a smoother experience. We promised and we delivered after a year! All of our servers are now running on far better hardware than before.

🕘 When will this be completed?

We don't have a definite timeline for this yet. We're building slowly as we go and the updates will be rolled out progressively as well. The new version of our website is now available at You may find many features lacking at this time, but that is because we are slowly porting everything, well, most of the basic things over.

Our server plugins will be rolled out for testing to a few selected servers as a start. When a better base of Titan 3 is built, all servers will slowly transition to Titan 3.

Keep an eye out on this documentation for updates on Titan 3.