The Universe

Game Features

Exclusive TagShow off your Titan Plus status with an exclusive pink heart icon displayed in front of your name in chat.
Exclusive Hud StatusCustomize your in-game status displayed on the info HUD. Instead of "Player," your status will be "Titan+".
Round End ImmunityEnjoy godmode between rounds, taking no damage and being invulnerable.
GravestonesWhen you die, a gravestone might spawn at your death location with a random message. Rest in peace in style.
Special RagdollsCustomize the animation of your enemies' ragdolls when you eliminate them.
Trail GunRight-click with your melee weapon to shoot out various objects like beach balls and pumpkins.
Fake Item MessagesTrick other players by simulating the discovery of rare items in the game.
Unlimited SaysoundsPlay sounds to the entire server with no cooldowns or limits.
2X Gems MultiplierEarn twice the amount of in-game gems, allowing you to recoup your Plus subscription cost.
Custom TagCreate your own chat tag with customizable color.
Target HudCustomize the color of your info HUD displayed to other players.
Resize PlayerAdjust the size of your player model, head, torso, and hands.
Projectile DesignerSet a custom projectile model and add shiny particle effects of your choice.
Unusual Building HatsEngineer's buildings come with unusual hats.
Trails+Create a unique trail with a customizable color.
Chroma TrailsA cooler chroma-style trail.
Player SkinsGain access to unique player skins that normal players don't have.
PetsGet your own companion to accompany you in battle.
Lost TrailsStand out with eye-catching particles around your character.
Respawn EffectsRespawn with stylish particle effects.
Customizable Gravestone MessagesSet a message for your gravestone when you die.
Target Hud StatusCustomize your status on the info HUD shown to other players.
Chat Prefix ColorChange the default white color of the chat prefix.
Welcome MessageMake a grand entrance with a welcome message.